Restaurant Roklubben is the culinary centre of Kangerlussuaq. Beautifully located on the shore of Lake Ferguson, approximately 5km outside Kangerlussuaq, Restaurant Roklubben has catered to tourists and locals alike for many years. At the restaurant, you can taste the best that Greenlandic cuisine has to offer in a relaxed atmosphere.

Transportation to and from Restaurant Roklubben is done by bus from Kangerlussuaq. Departure times vary depending on the season. The bus is free of charge.


The menu at Roklubben differs according to the season but we always use fresh local products. In the spring and autumn, a fixed course of the day is served. During the summer season an á la carte menu is available. See the items below for seasonal details.

A la carte menu

Available on weekdays from 1 Feb to 30 Nov
On weekdays, a delicious á la carte menu based on Greenlandic products is available.
Examples of appetizers: scallops, shrimp and Greenlandic platter.
Examples of entrees: musk ox, reindeer and halibut.

Desserts: Cake, fruit and ice cream
Price appetizer from DKK 98
Price entree from DKK 258

See the á la carte menu

Greenlandic buffet

Available on Sundays from 1 Feb to 30 Nov
On Sundays, a Greenlandic buffet is served. It is an incredible feast with over 30 different dishes made almost entirely from Greenlandic products.

Dishes include: shrimp, fish, smoked musk ox and reindeer, mattak (a dish made from the fatty skin from typically the narwhal and beluga whales), scallops, fried musk ox and reindeer, homemade cake and a much more…
Price: DKK 328

The buffet must be ordered at least the day before.

Special of the day

Available on weekdays 1 Feb – 30 Apr and 15 Sep – 30 Nov - Price DKK 178
Available on weekdays 1 May - 30 September - Price DKK 198
On weekdays a dish of the day and coffee is served. All dishes are made with fresh Greenlandic products.
Example dishes: Musk ox meat patty, reindeer casserole and fried halibut.

Groups must order in advance. Individuals can order on the same day before 1 pm.

Summer Barbecue

During the summer, when cruise ship passengers pass through Kangerlussuaq, barbecues are occasionally arranged at Restaurant Roklubben. Price: DKK 218.

Full Meal service

For groups we offer a full meal service including a two or three course evening meal and a sandwich lunch.

Book at Restaurant Roklubben

Reservations can be made via this booking form or by calling +299 84 19 96
See you soon at Restaurant Roklubben!