Two-day dog sled adventure

2 days
4 of 5
Min. participants: 
Feb - Apr
Price (adult): 
DKK 5 450
Price (child): 
DKK 5 450
Price includes: 
Supplies and sleeping bag (we recommend renting sealskin clothes and winter boots)
Customer Rating: 
4.5 out of 5
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The dog sled is an important part of the Greenlandic culture. Through the ages it was the only means of transportation during winter when the ground was covered in ice and snow.

On this two-day trip, we will travel by dog-pulled sleds on Kangerlussuaq Fjord with snow-clad mountains on both sides before ascending the terrain of the mountain sides. Be embraced by the magnificent Greenlandic nature on this adventurous tour. We will sleep in a hunting cabin or a tent and get to experience the magnificent polar night. With a little luck the northern lights will dance in the sky above us.

Together with the sled driver we will experience the rugged, fascinating Greenlandic nature, where man, animal and wilderness merge in perfect harmony. On this tour, we're all part of the team and activities such as cooking, chopping ice, gathering snow (to melt for drinking and making hot beverages), packing the sled and feeding the dogs, are shared among us.

This expedition can be quite physically demanding and requires reasonably good physical ability on the part of all participants. Dog sled tours are not recommended for people with back problems, as the rides can be quite bumpy at times.