Full Day Ice Cap Adventure

8 hours
3 of 5
Min. participants: 
Price (adult): 
DKK 995
Price (child): 
DKK 660
Price includes: 
Lunch, transport, guide, crampons, hiking poles
Customer Rating: 
4.2 out of 5
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On this adventurous excursion, we follow the same programme as the Ice Cap, Point 660 tour, but we will have 3-4 hours on the Greenland Ice Cap itself.

Very few people venture more than 200m onto the Ice Cap. This is a shame since the Ice Cap becomes a unique landscape with hills and valleys covered with numerous crystal-blue meltwater streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. Equipped with crampons and hiking poles, and a skilled guide, anybody who can walk for 3 hours, can join us for this unique hiking experience.

We will find a beautiful spot, far from land, to enjoy the packed lunch we brought along. Water is also included…straight from the meltwater lakes!

On the trip to and from the Ice Cap, we pass through very beautiful landscapes and chances of spotting reindeer, musk oxen and many species of birds and flowers, are good.

This is not a difficult excursion and during summer, the Ice Cap is not slippery. Equipped with crampons and hiking poles, it is actually very easy to walk on. Bring a good jacket and preferably trekking boots.

Full Day Ice Cap Adventure