Dog sled expedition - 3 days

3 days
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Feb - Apr
Price (adult): 
DKK 9 975
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DKK 9 975
Price includes: 
All supplies, dog sled, sled driver and transfer. Sleeping bags can be rented. Please note that polar clothing and boots are obligatory.
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4.6 out of 5
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The dog sled is an important part of the Greenlandic culture. In ancient times it was the only means of transportation during winter, when the ground was covered in ice and snow.

Journeying from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut by dog sled is an incredible experience. The conditions are similar to a real arctic expedition. Under controlled circumstances, you will be able to test your personal limits and gain an unforgettable impression of the country’s grandeur. The tour lasts three days and you will usually sleep in hunting cabins, though you may spend the night in a tent, as well. We will experience the rugged and fascinating Greenlandic nature, where man, animal and wilderness are merged in perfect harmony.

On this tour, we are all part of the expedition team and participate in the daily work along the way, such as cooking, packing the sled and feeding the dogs.

This tour is quite physically challenging at times, and requires a reasonably good physical ability on the part of the participants. Dog sled tours are not recommended for people with severe back problems, as the rides can be quite bumpy.

Please note that it is obligatory to rent polar clothing (seal skin or down) and boots unless you have proper polar equipment of your own. In our experience, very few participants bring adequate equipment. Our staff will determine whether you have proper clothes for this expedition.

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The tour can start from either Kangerlussuaq or Sisimiut.

Dog sled expedition - 3 days